How It Works

1. You choose the service you would like (fruit & veggie mix, fruits only, or veggie only) and the frequency you would like to receive your delivery (weekly, biweekly, monthly) when you sign up.

2. Your delivery day is assigned based on where you live.

3. The contents of each box change every week based on what produce is in season and available.  A list of what your box will contain ("This Week's Harvest") is posted on our website every Thursday for the following week. You can preview this list and exclude items you don't want by logging in and updating the "Vegetable Dislikes" in your profile.

4. We pack a variety of seasonal, organic fruits and/or vegetables into a box, just for you, according to the type of box on order and your "dislikes," if you have any.

5. Your payment is processed two days prior to your delivery.

6. You receive your delivery: a box full of fresh, delicious, organic produce right on your doorstep! Fresh, healthy, convenient!

7. You get: valuable time added to your life and better nutrition for you and your family.