Fruit Only Box 

December 10 - 14


Small Size

Image result for tiny green apples Baby Granny Smith Apple (1.5 lb)
Image result for fuji apple Fuji Apple (2 ct)
Image result for valencia orange Valencia Orange (2 ct)
Related image

Banana (1.5 lb)    

Related image Kiwi (1/2 lb)
Image result for red grapes Red Grapes (1 lb)
Image result for danjou pears D'Anjou Pear (2 ct)

Image result for grapefruit

Grapefruit (1 ct)

PLEASE NOTE: The actual contents of your box may occasionally vary from the list provided.

Because we only want to provide our customers with the freshest organic produce available,

there are times when we have to replace items which did not pass our strict quality standards.