Welcome to It's Organic!







It's Organic! provides an affordable way to enjoy organic fruits and vegetables delivered right to your home or office!


Committed to supporting small farming operations, we offer a diverse selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. By taking advantage of our many local farms and the long growing season in California, we are able to deliver a  wonderful variety of fruits and veggies while maintaining our committment to supporting traditional farms.


Each week our produce selection changes to keep our produce boxes fun and diverse. By taking advantage of seasonal crops, we ensure freshness and quality, all of the time!
Organic farming is an integral part of a healthy, sustainable agricultural system and all of our certified organic fruits and vegetables are grown without any synthetic chemicals or pesticides.


Choose from one of our scrumptious seasonal boxes and customize it to your liking prior to each delivery. Buying organic has never been easier! And remember, recipes and cooking tips included with every delivery!


Thank you for joining us in supporting local farming and sustainable agriculture.